Friday, May 22, 2015


Hi Everyone,
            I missed blogging for pretty long time since I engaged myself into various house hold works,family functions and Professional work.By the mean time I made lot of hauls in the name of festival shopping,Wedding shopping etc.
            Today I present a product from the very reputed brand 'Forest essentials'. I am a lip balm lover,and have many lip balms as possible to reach easily like in bedside,near TV,Kitchen and at least two in my hand bag.Even though I use too many lip balms my lips are still waiting for a super moisturising lip balm.
Price: 565 INR 

Beauty Cabinet
Beauty Cabinet
        During my regular visit to FE store,I spotted this lip balm sitting prettily on the bill counter.I tried little on my lips, wanted to buy immediately but the hefty price tag prevented me to take it with me.
       After that I went for a movie,had little snacks but at end of the day out (say for 4-5 hrs) I still felt the super soft lips,which never happened to me,because extremely dry lips of mine demands me to slather balms every 2 hours.Then again I stepped into FE store and  bought one for me.
Beauty Cabinet
       The lip balm is placed in a lovely cute looking pot with inbuilt mirror makes the packaging look super cute , but not bulky to carry around even it could fit in a wallet also.It is in orange color and smells the same which justifies the name 'Sweet narangi'.I prefer to apply this before going to bed or in indoors.Since It does not have SPF,I usually apt for the SPF containing lip balms for day time.
     Over all I  love this lip balm for its lasting moisturising capacity and a complete herbal product make me to fall again and again for this.
     Complete  herbal 
     Heavenly smell
     Super  and lasting moisturising effect
      Does not have SPF
      Hefty price tag
      Pot packaging    

Beauty Cabinet score: 8/10

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August haul

 I am on Forest essentials kick these days. I tried their delicate cleanser and Facial ubtan. So,I wanted to explore the brand more. I didn’t have any plans on my mind what to pick. I entered into the store at Phoneix market city, this time I tried their body lotions, all of them were so amazing and I have zeroed down to their Bengal tuber rose lotion. There is no any surprise that a flower and fragrance lover in me picked up this lotion. Apart from that I picked their Jasmine and patchouli night cream. Then as usual at health and glow store I picked Lotus 3 in 1 matte look sunscreen lotion.
Beauty cabinet

Beauty cabinet

Beauty cabinet

Beauty cabinet
Stay tuned for reviews......

Friday, August 8, 2014


Lipbalms were the first skincare/lipcare product ,with which  I have started my makeup horading journey.I suppose many of you also started your vanity kit with a lipbalm or a Kajal.I have tried many lipbalms that is available in India. To start with I have very unmananageble dry and pigmented lips and they go bad in condition even with slight change in weather. So, I need to be careful in taking care of lips. On my recent trip to my hometown,due to cold weather in the early morning my lips got chapped and eventually turns  in to dark lips.I really needed an immediate remedy to solve my problem.I was  advised to apply ghee or butter.but nothing worked on me.Then during usual visit to supermarket for groceries,this lipbalm caught my attention and immediately I grabbed it.
Beauty cabinet

Product description:
                The words”REPAIR AND BEAUTY” on the package attracted me.When opened I could see a two layer of bullet with white inner core and pink external layer.It is so creamy in texture,just melts on lips unlike other lipbalm variants form Nivea.Packaging is so simple and functional for travelling,slip into handbag or for keeping it in bedside.
Price: 149 INR
                I always have a soft corner towards Nivea products from my teenage,my relative visited us from abroad gifted me with a tin of good old blue tin nivea cream,which is still in my like list for its softness and moisturizing property.As soon as I came home I apply this lipbalm on my lips and felt the tingling sensation due to Dexapanthenol in it. I felt little better than before so I started applying it religiously for three days. YES!!!!!it works.I t reformed my badly cracked lips. It definitely goes to my repurchase list and possibly a backup that could be useful while travelling or as a  night treatment for lips.
Beauty cabinet

Beauty cabinet
  • It is very effective on chapped lips
  • Budget friendly
  • Nice tingling sensation
  • It mositurises my dry lips well
  • Attractive packaging
Cons :
  •  It has to stored in fridge to avoid melting in hot summers.
  • It leaves a whitish coat on my pigmented lips
    Beauty cabinet
As a verdict, I highly recommend this lipbalm for those who are suffering with chapped and dry lips.
Beauty cabinet score: 9/10

Thursday, July 31, 2014


              I missed blogging these days because family function kept me busy running around for organising,shopping, shopping and shopping only, that ranges from street shopping to high end shopping.After a pretty long break,today I am going to review about Health and glow kabuki brush. I am a makeup hoarder and beginner who always looking for good and affordable makeup brushes. But when I visit at MAC or Chanel or TBS stores, I hesitate to buy their brushes because of their very steep price. When I was in a mall shopping, just entered into Health and glow store to repurchase some goodies. In their brush, hair clips, bath sponge section, I saw this brush and noticed the price and grabbed immediately, because only two pieces were left.
Beauty cabinet

Price: MRP Rs: 289, but I got this for Rs 239
I was super happy to be owner of this kabuki brush. At the store itself I asked the SA to cut open the pouch to feel the softness of the bristles and YES!!!! they are. To comment on this kabuki brush, it is designed with a cute black handle with very dense bristles. They mentioned it as natural hair but I don’t know that whether they are artificial or natural. It is very easy to hold, and pick just the right amount of the product. As soon as I came home, tried it with MAC mineralize skin finish natural powder, Chanel loose powder and my powder blush. With all of them it sure performed well. Since it is very dense it didn’t take much time to cover entire face and it gives a flawless even finish. I have been using this for three months now and I have washed it 6 times with baby shampoo and didn’t notice any shedding of bristles.
Beauty cabinet

Beauty cabinet

Upper pic shows bare hand,middle -swatch of loose powder,lower-blended  
·         AFFORDABLE!!!!! (even college girls can own without burning a hole in their pocket)
·         Densely packed
·         Easy to handle
·         Travel friendly
·         Gives a flawless finish
·         Picks right amount of product
·         When I apply loose powder, if I give more strokes, feels little scratchy.
·         If unwashed after 2-3 uses, product gets built up and feels scratchy.
Beauty Cabinet score:
            Girls go grab one for you, if you are a beginner and want to start with an affordable product.